Member dues are $110.00 yearly - there is an additional $100.00
initiation fee the first year. Memberships renew annually on the date
ou joined. If your membership is not renewed within 90 days after
 expiration you must pay the $100.00 initiation fee again. The Chief
 Range Officer or any on-duty Range Officers have membership
 applications and can assist you.

      Each membership is for
one person as the named member and
card holder. Your membership also includes the privilege of having
your spouse and any juniors under 18 years old to shoot without
 paying the daily Range Fee. In order for the spouse to shoot without
 paying the daily Range Fee the named card holder of the membership
 must be present. Your membership allows only the named card holder
 to vote in club elections.

      Anyone under 18 is considered a Junior and must be under the direct
      supervision of a member or a paid adult. The Public Range is open
      daily 9:00AM to 4:00PM. The Range is closed Thursday for main-
      tenance. Eye and Ear protection is mandatory at all times – the club will
      supply protection if necessary. The club supplies targets, target frames,
      backers and staplers at no charge.

      The air conditioned Clubhouse facilities include: restrooms, soda

 machine, free coffee and a place to sit down, eat lunch or just relax.
Membership Information
Dade City Rod and Gun Club