Competitive Shooting
  The Club has competitive Matches the first two Saturdays
   of the month. For Match information and times click on the
   Links belo
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First Saturday
Police Pistol Combat Match -PPC
Rimfire Balloon Matches - Pistol & Rifle
(Minimum Age - 14 on Balloon Matches - click above)
Second Saturday
Concealed Carry Match - CCM
Silhouette Match
LEO (Law Enforcement Officer)
5 X 5 Match
Bullseye Match  (Quarterly)
                     Match Fees
  There is a $2.00 Fee for members for each Match. The fee for Non-
  Members is a $20.00 Range Fee plus $2.00 for each match. Non
  Members that pay the $20 Range Fee for the matches are also entitled
  to use the Public Range for the rest of the day after the matches.

                Inclement Weather Information
  We obviously cannot predict the weather or the condition of the ranges
  in some cases until the day of the matches. If there is a heavy rain on
  Friday or if you think there is a possibility that the matches  might be
  canceled please call:
  Roger Smith at 832 495-9603
AFTER 8:00AM the day of the matches